Regatta Dance Saturday 10th July 2021

Regatta Heats 22nd - 25th July 2021

Regatta Finals 7th & 8th August 2021*

*All events are subject to Covid restrictions permitting

Spirit Of Regatta Competition Entries 2014 - 2017

Tom Edie 5
William Stitson 1
Tom Edie 4
Tom Edie 3
Tom Edie 2
Tom Edie 1
Tim Yonge 7
Tim Yonge 6
Tim Yonge 5
Tim Yonge 4
Tim Yonge 3
Tim Yonge 1
Tim Yonge 2
Sue Denny 4
Sue Denny 3
Sue Denny 2
Sue Denny 1
Selina 5
Selina 4
Selina 2
Selina 3
Selina 1
Savannah Squire 7
Savannah Squire 6
Savannah Squire 4
Savannah Squire 5
Savannah Squire 3
Savannah Squire 1
Savannah Squire 2
Sarah Williams 7
Sarah Williams 6
Sarah Williams 5
Sarah Williams 4
Sarah Williams 2
Sarah Williams 3
Sarah Williams 1
Sanchia Bradford 7
Sanchia Bradford 4
Sanchia Bradford 6
Sanchia Bradford 5
Sanchia Bradford 2
Sanchia Bradford 3
Robert Hirst 7
Sanchia Bradford 1
Robert Hirst 3
Robert Hirst 5
Robert Hirst 4
Robert Hirst 6
Paul Francombe 5
Robert Hirst 1
Simon Hallett SOR
Simon Hallett MOB
Simon Hallett LAN
Sanchia Bradford PORT
Simon Hallett ACT
Simon Hallett PORT
Oscar Cornish MOB
Mike Longhurst SOR
Mike Longhurst PORT
Mike Longhurst Landscape
Mike Longhurst Action
Lee Glanville PORT
Lee Glanville MOB
Lee Glanville BR
Lee Glanville ACT
John White SOR
Karen Turvey SOR
John White ACT
Graham Adam SOR
Graham Adam PORT
Graham Adam LAN
Emma Cawse SOR
Graham Adam ACT
Emma Cawse PORT
Emma Cawse BR
Emma Cawse Action
Emma Cawse Landscape
Harry Baumer SOR
Clive Woodyear SOR
Clive Woodyear LAN
Clive Woodyear ACT
Charlotte Davies SOR
Chris Kirkham BR
Chris Kirkham SOR
Charlotte Davies
Ann Walmsley SOR
Alison Marshall Ac
Alison Marshall BR
Alison Marshall ES
Alison Marshall Lan
Alison Marshall Port
Alison Marshall SOR
Amy Mann Ac
Angela Thomson Ac
Angela Thomson SOR
Ann Walmsley Ac
Ann Walmsley BR
Ann Walmsley ES
Ann Walmsley Lan
Ann Walmsley Port
Ann Walmsley SOR
Bob Goldsmith BR
Bob Goldsmith Port
Bob Goldsmith SOR
Chloe Walker Port
Claire Furzeland BR
Claire Furzeland SOR
Clive Woodyear Ac
Clive Woodyear SOR
David Blunt Ac
David Blunt Lan
David Blunt Port
David Thrush Ac
David Thrush Port
David Thrush SOR
Deryn Jenkins BR
Deryn Jenkins ES
Deryn Jenkins SOR
Emma Cawse Ac
Emma Cawse Beer Race image 2014
Emma Cawse ES
Emma Cawse Lan
Emma Cawse Port
Emma Cawse SOR
Joshua Dunn Ac
Kairen Carter Ac
Kairen Carter BR
Kairen Carter ES
Kairen Carter Lan
Kairen Carter Port
Kairen Carter SOR
Mike Longhurst Ac
Mike Longhurst BR
Mike Longhurst ES
Mike Longhurst Lan
Tony Edie6
Tony Edie5
Tony Edie4
Tony Edie3
Tony Edie7
Tom Edie 7
Tony Edie1
Tom Edie 6
Tom Edie 5
Tom Edie 4
Tony Edie2
Tom Edie 1
Tom Edie 2
Rosy Turnbull 4
Tom Edie 3
Sarah Bedford 4
Rosy Turnbull 3
Rosy Turnbull 2
Sarah Bedford 3
Rosy Turnbull 5
Sarah Bedford 2
Sarah Bedford 1
Rosy Turnbull 1
Rebecca Wilcox 2
Rebecca Wilcox 3
Rebecca Wilcox 1
Paul Francombe 6
Paul Francombe 7
Paul Francombe 5
Paul Francombe 2
Paul Francombe 4
Paul Francombe 1
Naomi Taylor-Trott 7
Paul Francombe 3
Naomi Taylor-Trott 6
Naomi Taylor-Trott 4
Naomi Taylor-Trott 3
Naomi Taylor-Trott 5
Naomi Taylor-Trott 1
Naomi Taylor-Trott 2
Mike Longhurst3
Mike Longhurst2
Mike Longhurst5
Mike Longhurst7
Mike Longhurst6
Mike Longhurst4
Mike Longhurst1
Lee Glanville
Kairen Carter 5
Kairen Carter 7
Kairen Carter 6
Kairen Carter 4
Jonny Kirkham5
Jonny Kirkham6
Kairen Carter 3
Jonny Kirkham7
Kairen Carter 1
Kairen Carter 2
Jonny Kirkham4
Jonny Kirkham3
Jonny Kirkham1
Jonny Kirkham2
Isla Kenworthy 2
Isla Kenworthy 1
Ian Lloyd 7
Helen Dunn 6
Helen Dunn 7
Helen Dunn 4
Helen Dunn 5
Ian Lloyd 6
Ian Lloyd 5
Ian Lloyd 4
Ian Lloyd 3
Ian Lloyd 2
Ian Lloyd 1
Glyn Gibb 2
Glyn Gibb 3
Glyn Gibb 1
Darren Marshall 7
Darrel Marshall 6
Darrel Marshall 5
Claire Morrissey7
Danielle Martin 1
Darrel Marshall 4
Darrel Marshall 3
Darrel Marshall 1
Darrel Marshall 2
Daniel Harris 7
Daniel Harris 1
Daniel Harris 5
Daniel Harris 2
Daniel Harris 6
Daniel Harris 4
Daisy Cooke 1
Claire Morrissey1
Claire Morrissey6
Claire Morrissey5
Claire Morrissey4
Claire Morrissey2
Claire Morrissey3
Christine Finch 7
Christine Finch 5
Christine Finch 6
Christine Finch 3
BobStyring 7
Christine Finch 2
Christine Finch 4
BobStyring 6
Christine Finch 1
Antonia Edie 1
BobStyring 4
BobStyring 5
BobStyring 1
BobStyring 3
BobStyring 2
Alison Marshall 1
Alison Marshall 7
Alison Marshall 4
Alison Marshall 5
Alison Marshall 6
Alison Marshall 3
Alison Marshall 2

The SPIRIT OF REGATTA rules of entry.

1. competition is open to anyone.

2. All information detailing how to enter this competition forms part of these terms and conditions. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Submission of an entry will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms and conditions.


3. Entries should be submitted by via email to or by following the links at no later than 11.59pm on Sunday 7th October 2017. Entries must be labelled indicating the entrant’s name and contact number. We regret that we are unable to accept postal entries.


4. All entries must be received by the advertised closing time and date.


5. All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them and taken during the summer period 2018. It is assumed that photographs will be taken of/at a regatta or local community event during this time although consideration will be made to images entered of a different subject but of a similar ilk. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any images they submit have been taken with the permission of the subject and do not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws. Entrants must warrant that the photograph they are submitting is their own work and that they own the copyright for it.


6. Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, in consideration of their providing the competition, each entrant grants a perpetual licence to the River Yealm Regatta committee to feature any or all of the submitted images in any of their publications, their websites and/or in any promotional material and/or fundraising connected to this competition.


7. A maximum of seven entries per person allowed. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt entries will not be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted for lost entries.


8. Winning entries will be those that are judged to be the most visually appealing, emotionally impactful and self-explanatory. Two judgements will be made: one on technique and composition; the second will be judged on the human and emotional impact. Prizes will be awarded and images will be displayed at a special prize giving event .


9. The winners may be required to take part in publicity.

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